Avonlea Christmas

I just watched “An Avonlea Christmas”. It was all about how Hetty King was so bitter, but after she fell ill she changed her whole view on life. It was set in the time of the first world war, and many of the men in the town were off fighting. For the characters Christmas was a hard time because their sons, husbands, and fathers were off on duty.

During the show Hetty King discovered that she had a growth on her spine and it restricted her from walking. She had to undergo surgery, and this was the time of the 1915’s. Imagine how horrible it would be to be put to sleep, knowing that people were cutting into you, not a clue what would lay underneath. Thank god technology has advanced along the years and we have helpful tools such as MRI’s and CAT scans.

It was a really nice family movie to watch on Christmas, and it was a nice way to end the day. The movie was made in 2008, but sadly the actress who played Hetty King died a few months ago. It will be a classic for as long as people remember, and I’m sure it will be watched for years to come.



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